Winter Break in England is Under Discussion

The Premier League, English Football League, and The Football Association are undergoing a discussion about possible winter break starting from February 2020.

If they all agreed on the subject, the first winter break should begin in 2020. The break is planned to begin in early February and last for 2 weeks for every season. As the result, there might be a reschedule on FA Cup fifth round. The game will be probably hosted in midweek, without no replay.

Premier League, on the other hand, would pass the season with more than 13 days without a single match.

If the rule passes, England will join Spain, Italy, France, and Germany football association. However, unlike England, these associations have ruled out the break to occur between December and January, usually the coldest moment in a year. However, the FA seems to want to keep it in early February to allow Premier League to keep hosting its busiest match period.

Comments from clubs

Michael Flynn, Newport County manager said that his team is wary of the impact of this winter break. They fear the elimination of the fifth-round replay would bring huge impact to small clubs.

He said, ” With the FA Cup games being played midweek and with no replays, it is going to hit the smaller clubs a little bit harder. If we couldn’t have had that replay at Wembley, then it takes a lot of romance out of football.”

“For our players, there is a lot of them who would never have got the chance to play at Wembley. It’s a great occasion and they might not do that again.”

However, unlike Flynn, some teams are expecting to have this break on their schedule. Manchester City manager, Pep Guardiola, once said that playing without a break would ‘kill’ his players. Also, Mourinho once told the media that this winter break would at least bring some hope to clubs in Champions League. Players will be able to have more time to rest and build their stamina. Playing for the whole year is never a good idea because we theoretically treat the player like a football-playing machine.

No doubt, the introduction of winter break will bring a dramatic impact on matches across the country. There are drawbacks, for sure. However, playing during winter is not a good idea. The harsh weather not only can affect the match but also injure players. It is the duty of a football association to rule the best time and moment to host a match and also keep all players from any possible incident that might be caused by external factors. Winter is one of them. By keeping the players to play only at the optimum weather, all players can showcase their best skills without any obstacle.


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