Will Manchester United Finally Have Its Own Women’s Football Team?

Manchester United has finally submitted a proposal to FA to have their own professional women’s team.

After being criticized for not having their own women’s team, many people think that it is now time for the Red Devil to catch their late. Phil Neville, one of Manchester United former player, also thinks the same way. He even said that he will help reach the management to discuss this subject.

If the FA approves the application, United would soon join the training ground in Salford. However, it will take some time before the team can actually play in the official match. If everything goes well, the team is expected to have their first official game during the 2018-2019 season.

Ed Woodward, the Red Devil’s executive vice chairman said that if the team should have their own women’s club, that club should be built with the same principles and image as their men’s team.

The FA will soon begin rebranding and restructure the league starting from the next season. The plan includes changing the WSL1 league to Women’s Super League, while the WSL2 will be further called the Women’s Championship.

The club once has their own women’s football team back in 2005. However, for some reason, there hasn’t been any news about that team until. Perhaps, Manchester United thinks it is now the best time to rebuild their own women’s team after seeing their rivals’┬ávictory in WSL system. Manchester City, Liverpool, Arsenal, and Chelsea have outwon United in terms of women’s football team. If United is serious about building their own women’s football team, they are going to beat their rivals first.

However, eventhough we are still waiting for United’s adult women football team, the club has already running their own junior women team. The Red Devil has been working with local community groups and schools to get the best local talents through their famous Manchester United foundation.

Woodward further said that with excellent support United received from FA, he believes that they can use the women’s team to hone local talents and give them chance┬áto reach higher competitions.

Due to the restructure and rebranding, the existing tier-two and tier-one clubs have to re-apply for this season’s license.

Then all affiliated women’s and girls club from outside the system will be invited to fill the remaining spaces.

The English Football Association has confirmed that by earlier this month, they have received around 15 applications to join either the tier one or tier two. Under this scenario, there could be only 4 teams or less which could join the WSL and less than 6 teams which could join the newly rebranded Women’s Championship.

Among the 15 applications, Sheffield United and Crystal Palace have both confirmed that they have submitted the required applications for their women’s team to join the new form of WSL2.

As for the successful applications, the FA said that they are not going to announce the lists at least until the early of June or end of May this year.

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