Waiting the Incredible Thing from Chelsea

After their last draw with Barca, Chelsea’s manager, Antonio Conte said his team “will try to do something incredible” in their second leg against Barca next month.

Willian gave the leading point to Chelsea before Messi scored a draw in the 75th minute after receiving a clear pass from Iniesta.

It was a tough game for both sides, but especially Barca. Valverde’s men barely threatened Chelsea. If not for Messi, they would have lost the game. However, this fact also reminds us that Chelsea was also not as flawless as Conte thought. It only took a tiny mistake in their strategy for Messi to score a goal and bring a draw to Barca.

If Conte is serious about his words, then he has many home works to do before next month. They might have the sheer will to win the game, but if they didn’t come with a solid defense and accurate attack, Lionel Messi will eventually find a gap like he did in the last match and score another goal.

The Blues might have scored a goal in the match, but if we remember correctly, Willian did hit the post two times before scoring a goal. That’s quite low if I can say. When dealing with a person like Messi, leave alone his loyal compatriot Suarez, you need more than just strategy and willingness. There is a reason the world crowns Messi as the best player. For that reason, every team should fear him, especially when he has strong backups.

Yesterday’s match also leaves some interesting facts. One of them is Conte’s decision to keep Christensen on the field. He might have made a mistake that led the game to a draw. However, as a young player, Conte believes that he is full of potential. He played an incredible performance during the match. The Italian manager said, “It was an incredible performance. We are talking about a very young player. It is great that the is able to play this game with maturity and personality. He was one of the best players tonight.”

Conte surely does know the risk of placing a young player on the field. He later added that playing against players like Suarez, Iniesta, and Messi is full of risk. If you make one mistake, you should pay for it.

The next game won’t be easy both for Barca and Chelsea. Both teams have great strategies and fantastic players. The only way to win the second leg would depend on their defense. Also, Chelsea needs to be worrying about Messi. His speed and tactics are very dangerous. You can’t let the ball hit his feet if you don’t want to concede a goal.

“We can try to do something incredible in the Nou Camp and we must play an intelligent game – we are not stupid,” said Conte.

With just one month left, what kind of intelligent game Chelsea would play? Should Barca begin to tremble?

Jerome Carr

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