Rashford Should Play in the World Cup – Here is Why

It is clear now. Rashford should join the English squad in the upcoming 2018 World Cup in Russia. His excellent performance brought another victory to United after his double goals beat Liverpool on Saturday. That is the first time ever for him to play in Premier League and yet, he made everyone recognizes his talent through his twin goals.

Rashford may not be playing a lot recently, but it is never a problem to him, according to Jose Mourinho. However, there is one thing for sure. Gareth Southgate, the England team manager, is not going to keep his talents wasted.

At his 20, anyone can see the talents he has and how big his opportunity in the future. He is the exact person England needs to win the World Cup and that’s the only reason Southgate needs to bring him to Russia.

One of his most astonishing skills is how he carries the ball. There are only a few players in the who can do at least the same way as his. England is so lucky to have him onboard. He is also excellent in keeping his pace and threatening the opponent’s defenders. He is never afraid to take them on, no matter who they are. This is another reason for Southgate to include him in his line. Besides, he knows how to strike and he works so well with other players.

Rashford showed an excellent anticipation while playing against Liverpool. He ran on to Lukaku’s flick. That’s when he used the chance to quickly sneak into Liverpool’s defense box. With Liverpool’s Trent Alexander-Arnold ahead, he did a nice trick to fool him. It took only a few seconds for him to deliver the strike after the trick and scored the first goal for United.

His second goal is less tricky than the first one. Some people even said it was only a mere luck, but he still used that chance well and gave another goal to the Red Devil.

Even when he began to look a bit tired at the 70th minute, everyone still admired his excellent performance. For a player who has not played full time so often, we can understand his fatigue. It has been at least 2 months since his last full-time playing, but even so, he still paid a big success in entertaining everyone. For doing so, there is no better reason for him to join England’s squad for this year’s World Cup.

With 12 goals so far, he has now scored more goals than his any previous seasons. However, if he truly wants to improve his skill and expand his career, he needs more than just 12 goals. The World Cup is not going to be easy on him. Best players from around the world will gather in Russia, the same place where he is heading. It won’t be easy for him, but it will be also the perfect moment to showcase his true skills and talents to the world. Everyone is expecting to see a great game made by his feet.

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