Manchester United Fans Bolt Wear The Arsenal Jersey

As we all know, “night” Bolt but Manchester United’s hardcore fans, but now, he has put on the Cheap Arsenal Soccer Jersey, and pictures publicly drying out, how is this going children do?

Recently, Bolt put Arsenal shirt, and sun pictures on social networking sites, which attracted fans exclaimed. As for the reason, which was to start from a bet. Arsenal VS Manchester United this focus of the war before the game, Bolt and Mexico famous host Lopez bet, as Manchester United fans, he apparently believes Manchester United will win. But in the end it 3-0 Arsenal beat Manchester United, Bolt is speed connection, and wear Arsenal jersey.

Bolt on the social networking site, said: “I bet Manchester United and Lopez win, and they did not win, so I have to say about cash bets, sorry you all.” In this way, not only win from Arsenal to Manchester United in the hands of third, also from them “to win back a big star.”

Jerome Carr

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