Liverpool Without Aguero


It is confirmed. Sergio Aguero from Manchester City will not join his team in their upcoming match against Liverpool in the first leg of Champions League quarter-final match, due to knee injury.

With the next game included, the striker will have passed 6 games under City as well as his national team, Argentina.

Manchester City manager, Pep Guardiola said that Sergio has been much better now after undergoing treatment for his knee injury. However, he must wait for a little longer before he can fully join the team.

Manchester City is not the only team with injury problems. Their opponent, Liverpool, is also having the same problem. Three Liverpool defenders are set to miss the game, including Ragnar Klavan, Joel Matip, and Joe Gomez.

Even after losing their defence trio, Liverpool manager, Jurgen Klopp believes that his team will win the game. He once told his players to write their own history and prepare for the toughest opponent. However, their path is not going to be easy. Manchester City is so far the most likely team to win the league title.

City will move one step closer to claiming the league title if they crash United, leaving Liverpool as the only team who can pull a victory against them in this season.

Klopp admitted that this game is not going to be easy since they will be dealing with one of, if not the best football team in Europe. City might have greater chance to win the game than Liverpool, but Klopp’s army is not going to just give up the game. They don’t reach the quarter-finals by mere luck or just a coincidence. Manchester City might be the one closest to the league title, but it will only take a small mistake, such as underestimating their opponent, to miss that title. So, they better not do that.

Their last defeat from Liverpool 4 months ago should provide a good reason to fear Liverpool. As the only team capable of beating Manchester City, Liverpool has all skills to bring serious problems to Pep Guardiola’s formation.

He believes that as long as his team plays their best performance and thinks about the future, everything will be fine. For Jurgen Klopp, football is not about becoming the best team. It is nothing but giving the best for tomorrow.

He later said, “It is clear City’s confidence is on an outstandingly high level but we are in a good moment as well. They have a chance because they win wherever they go, but we can win football games as well.”

So fart, Klopp’s army has won 5 European Cup. They last won the title in 2005. After 13 years, he believes it is time for Liverpool to write¬†another history, a new one so everyone shall remember how big Liverpool as a team is.

He believes that playing a good game is the best way to write their own history. He said so after using the same strategy for years, even before he was chosen as Liverpool’s manager. He wrote so much history with his former teams and now it is time for him to write at least the same history with Liverpool.




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