Guardiola Accepts FA Charge Over His Yellow Ribbon

Manchester City manager, Pep Guardiola is reported to accept the Football Association charge over his yellow ribbon.

The FA said that Guardiola still has time until 18:00 GMT today to respond to the charge. The association decided to charge him with a kit and advertising regulations after wearing a political symbol during a match. According to the report, the association has warned the City’s manager for 2 times last year for his action, but these warnings went unnoticed and he is still seen wearing the pro-Catalan ribbon since then.

In November, Guardiola said that by wearing the yellow ribbon, he can express his support to some Catalonian politicians who have been taken as prisoners by the Spanish government.

The City’s manager said that he can’t just do nothing after seeing men are sent to prison for something as basic as their need of a free country. He believes that no one should be imprisoned for their idea, especially because freedom is not a criminal act.

Following the charge, the Football Association has received a request for a hearing, but no date has been set so far.

What We Think About It

We understand how Guardiola thinks. No one should be imprisoned for asking for freedom. As someone born on the same soil as those imprisoned politicians, it’s normal for him to have empathy for them. That’s why he will never apologize for wearing the yellow ribbon. However, as a manager, he still has to obey the rules and that’s when we believe that in the future, he will observe the rules. He will keep wearing the ribbon in the future. The only difference is the places where he will wear it.

We once saw how Guardiola attempted to cover the ribbon during City’s games against Chelsea and Arsenal. Even during their match against Wigan, we could clearly see a yellow ribbon under his jacket.

Most likely, if he wants to obey the rule, he only needs to avoid wearing the ribbon during the 90-minute match. He can still wear it for free before and after the match. This is because the FA kit and advertising rules only apply during the match.

Guardiola has accepted the charges towards him. However, some sources cited that he found some inconsistencies in the regulations. He believes that instead of banning everyone from displaying political symbol, the FA should allow them as long as the symbol is deemed inoffensive. This is the same rule that UEFA applies in their competitions and for Guardiola, it is the best rule so far.

We don’t know what Guardiola might do during the hearing. Perhaps he wants the FA to change the rule or maybe he will just continue wearing the ribbon. No matter what choice he makes, as long as we can still see him make City a great team, we care less about this subject. The City has fought so far and they are now worth to become Champions League winner. Guardiola should have known that.

Jerome Carr

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