Will Manchester United Finally Have Its Own Women’s Football Team?

Manchester United has finally submitted a proposal to FA to have their own professional women’s team.

After being criticized for not having their own women’s team, many people think that it is now time for the Red Devil to catch their late. Phil Neville, one of Manchester United former player, also thinks the same way. He even said that he will help reach the management to discuss this subject.

If the FA approves the application, United would soon join the training ground in Salford. However, it will take some time before the team can actually play in the official match. If everything goes well, the team is expected to have their first official game during the 2018-2019 season.

Ed Woodward, the Red Devil’s executive vice chairman said that if the team should have their own women’s club, that club should be built with the same principles and image as their men’s team.

The FA will soon begin rebranding and restructure the league starting from the next season. The plan includes changing the WSL1 league to Women’s Super League, while the WSL2 will be further called the Women’s Championship.

The club once has their own women’s football team back in 2005. However, for some reason, there hasn’t been any news about that team until. Perhaps, Manchester United thinks it is now the best time to rebuild their own women’s team after seeing their rivals’ victory in WSL system. Manchester City, Liverpool, Arsenal, and Chelsea have outwon United in terms of women’s football team. If United is serious about building their own women’s football team, they are going to beat their rivals first.

However, eventhough we are still waiting for United’s adult women football team, the club has already running their own junior women team. The Red Devil has been working with local community groups and schools to get the best local talents through their famous Manchester United foundation.

Woodward further said that with excellent support United received from FA, he believes that they can use the women’s team to hone local talents and give them chance to reach higher competitions.

Due to the restructure and rebranding, the existing tier-two and tier-one clubs have to re-apply for this season’s license.

Then all affiliated women’s and girls club from outside the system will be invited to fill the remaining spaces.

The English Football Association has confirmed that by earlier this month, they have received around 15 applications to join either the tier one or tier two. Under this scenario, there could be only 4 teams or less which could join the WSL and less than 6 teams which could join the newly rebranded Women’s Championship.

Among the 15 applications, Sheffield United and Crystal Palace have both confirmed that they have submitted the required applications for their women’s team to join the new form of WSL2.

As for the successful applications, the FA said that they are not going to announce the lists at least until the early of June or end of May this year.


Rashford Should Play in the World Cup – Here is Why

It is clear now. Rashford should join the English squad in the upcoming 2018 World Cup in Russia. His excellent performance brought another victory to United after his double goals beat Liverpool on Saturday. That is the first time ever for him to play in Premier League and yet, he made everyone recognizes his talent through his twin goals.

Rashford may not be playing a lot recently, but it is never a problem to him, according to Jose Mourinho. However, there is one thing for sure. Gareth Southgate, the England team manager, is not going to keep his talents wasted.

At his 20, anyone can see the talents he has and how big his opportunity in the future. He is the exact person England needs to win the World Cup and that’s the only reason Southgate needs to bring him to Russia.

One of his most astonishing skills is how he carries the ball. There are only a few players in the who can do at least the same way as his. England is so lucky to have him onboard. He is also excellent in keeping his pace and threatening the opponent’s defenders. He is never afraid to take them on, no matter who they are. This is another reason for Southgate to include him in his line. Besides, he knows how to strike and he works so well with other players.

Rashford showed an excellent anticipation while playing against Liverpool. He ran on to Lukaku’s flick. That’s when he used the chance to quickly sneak into Liverpool’s defense box. With Liverpool’s Trent Alexander-Arnold ahead, he did a nice trick to fool him. It took only a few seconds for him to deliver the strike after the trick and scored the first goal for United.

His second goal is less tricky than the first one. Some people even said it was only a mere luck, but he still used that chance well and gave another goal to the Red Devil.

Even when he began to look a bit tired at the 70th minute, everyone still admired his excellent performance. For a player who has not played full time so often, we can understand his fatigue. It has been at least 2 months since his last full-time playing, but even so, he still paid a big success in entertaining everyone. For doing so, there is no better reason for him to join England’s squad for this year’s World Cup.

With 12 goals so far, he has now scored more goals than his any previous seasons. However, if he truly wants to improve his skill and expand his career, he needs more than just 12 goals. The World Cup is not going to be easy on him. Best players from around the world will gather in Russia, the same place where he is heading. It won’t be easy for him, but it will be also the perfect moment to showcase his true skills and talents to the world. Everyone is expecting to see a great game made by his feet.


Guardiola Accepts FA Charge Over His Yellow Ribbon

Manchester City manager, Pep Guardiola is reported to accept the Football Association charge over his yellow ribbon.

The FA said that Guardiola still has time until 18:00 GMT today to respond to the charge. The association decided to charge him with a kit and advertising regulations after wearing a political symbol during a match. According to the report, the association has warned the City’s manager for 2 times last year for his action, but these warnings went unnoticed and he is still seen wearing the pro-Catalan ribbon since then.

In November, Guardiola said that by wearing the yellow ribbon, he can express his support to some Catalonian politicians who have been taken as prisoners by the Spanish government.

The City’s manager said that he can’t just do nothing after seeing men are sent to prison for something as basic as their need of a free country. He believes that no one should be imprisoned for their idea, especially because freedom is not a criminal act.

Following the charge, the Football Association has received a request for a hearing, but no date has been set so far.

What We Think About It

We understand how Guardiola thinks. No one should be imprisoned for asking for freedom. As someone born on the same soil as those imprisoned politicians, it’s normal for him to have empathy for them. That’s why he will never apologize for wearing the yellow ribbon. However, as a manager, he still has to obey the rules and that’s when we believe that in the future, he will observe the rules. He will keep wearing the ribbon in the future. The only difference is the places where he will wear it.

We once saw how Guardiola attempted to cover the ribbon during City’s games against Chelsea and Arsenal. Even during their match against Wigan, we could clearly see a yellow ribbon under his jacket.

Most likely, if he wants to obey the rule, he only needs to avoid wearing the ribbon during the 90-minute match. He can still wear it for free before and after the match. This is because the FA kit and advertising rules only apply during the match.

Guardiola has accepted the charges towards him. However, some sources cited that he found some inconsistencies in the regulations. He believes that instead of banning everyone from displaying political symbol, the FA should allow them as long as the symbol is deemed inoffensive. This is the same rule that UEFA applies in their competitions and for Guardiola, it is the best rule so far.

We don’t know what Guardiola might do during the hearing. Perhaps he wants the FA to change the rule or maybe he will just continue wearing the ribbon. No matter what choice he makes, as long as we can still see him make City a great team, we care less about this subject. The City has fought so far and they are now worth to become Champions League winner. Guardiola should have known that.


Winter Break in England is Under Discussion

The Premier League, English Football League, and The Football Association are undergoing a discussion about possible winter break starting from February 2020.

If they all agreed on the subject, the first winter break should begin in 2020. The break is planned to begin in early February and last for 2 weeks for every season. As the result, there might be a reschedule on FA Cup fifth round. The game will be probably hosted in midweek, without no replay.

Premier League, on the other hand, would pass the season with more than 13 days without a single match.

If the rule passes, England will join Spain, Italy, France, and Germany football association. However, unlike England, these associations have ruled out the break to occur between December and January, usually the coldest moment in a year. However, the FA seems to want to keep it in early February to allow Premier League to keep hosting its busiest match period.

Comments from clubs

Michael Flynn, Newport County manager said that his team is wary of the impact of this winter break. They fear the elimination of the fifth-round replay would bring huge impact to small clubs.

He said, ” With the FA Cup games being played midweek and with no replays, it is going to hit the smaller clubs a little bit harder. If we couldn’t have had that replay at Wembley, then it takes a lot of romance out of football.”

“For our players, there is a lot of them who would never have got the chance to play at Wembley. It’s a great occasion and they might not do that again.”

However, unlike Flynn, some teams are expecting to have this break on their schedule. Manchester City manager, Pep Guardiola, once said that playing without a break would ‘kill’ his players. Also, Mourinho once told the media that this winter break would at least bring some hope to clubs in Champions League. Players will be able to have more time to rest and build their stamina. Playing for the whole year is never a good idea because we theoretically treat the player like a football-playing machine.

No doubt, the introduction of winter break will bring a dramatic impact on matches across the country. There are drawbacks, for sure. However, playing during winter is not a good idea. The harsh weather not only can affect the match but also injure players. It is the duty of a football association to rule the best time and moment to host a match and also keep all players from any possible incident that might be caused by external factors. Winter is one of them. By keeping the players to play only at the optimum weather, all players can showcase their best skills without any obstacle.



Waiting the Incredible Thing from Chelsea

After their last draw with Barca, Chelsea’s manager, Antonio Conte said his team “will try to do something incredible” in their second leg against Barca next month.

Willian gave the leading point to Chelsea before Messi scored a draw in the 75th minute after receiving a clear pass from Iniesta.

It was a tough game for both sides, but especially Barca. Valverde’s men barely threatened Chelsea. If not for Messi, they would have lost the game. However, this fact also reminds us that Chelsea was also not as flawless as Conte thought. It only took a tiny mistake in their strategy for Messi to score a goal and bring a draw to Barca.

If Conte is serious about his words, then he has many home works to do before next month. They might have the sheer will to win the game, but if they didn’t come with a solid defense and accurate attack, Lionel Messi will eventually find a gap like he did in the last match and score another goal.

The Blues might have scored a goal in the match, but if we remember correctly, Willian did hit the post two times before scoring a goal. That’s quite low if I can say. When dealing with a person like Messi, leave alone his loyal compatriot Suarez, you need more than just strategy and willingness. There is a reason the world crowns Messi as the best player. For that reason, every team should fear him, especially when he has strong backups.

Yesterday’s match also leaves some interesting facts. One of them is Conte’s decision to keep Christensen on the field. He might have made a mistake that led the game to a draw. However, as a young player, Conte believes that he is full of potential. He played an incredible performance during the match. The Italian manager said, “It was an incredible performance. We are talking about a very young player. It is great that the is able to play this game with maturity and personality. He was one of the best players tonight.”

Conte surely does know the risk of placing a young player on the field. He later added that playing against players like Suarez, Iniesta, and Messi is full of risk. If you make one mistake, you should pay for it.

The next game won’t be easy both for Barca and Chelsea. Both teams have great strategies and fantastic players. The only way to win the second leg would depend on their defense. Also, Chelsea needs to be worrying about Messi. His speed and tactics are very dangerous. You can’t let the ball hit his feet if you don’t want to concede a goal.

“We can try to do something incredible in the Nou Camp and we must play an intelligent game – we are not stupid,” said Conte.

With just one month left, what kind of intelligent game Chelsea would play? Should Barca begin to tremble?


Paul Pogba Might Have a Better Future under Pep Guardiola

According to Jamie Redknapp, if Paul Pogba chose to join Manchester City, he would become their “one of City’s star performers.”

Many people, especially Man Utd fans, criticize Pogba for his poor performance during last weekend match with Newcastle. The game, which ended with a 1-0 defeat, leaves United 16 points behind Manchester City. This situation can get worse if United, according to Pogba, did not do anything with Pogba.

He believed that a man like Pogba should be under Guardiola’s wing, instead of Jose Mourinho. Only at City, he can hone his potential.

Perhaps, that is the truth. Perhaps, the Red Devil is not just the right place for Pogba and his future. Despite staying on the bench, he should find another place if he still wants to continue his career. Mou will less likely change his opinion about how he plays and sooner or later he might be sent off from the club.

This is a difficult situation, even for Pogba himself. Many people accuse him of being useless, without considering the whole aspects. He was once one of the best players the world ever has and he still is.

Mou does realize this fact and he will not trash Pogba just because he didn’t play well at several games. He is still looking for a chance where he can see the real Pogba comes out. It is his job as a manager. Everyone is looking for a day when Pogba shines again and that is what Mou does right now.

Redknapp also said, “Taking him off against Tottenham, that’s not how you’re going to get the best out of him. You can see at Newcastle, his confidence was really low.”

“I’m not saying you need to pander to him but I don’t see a situation where Pep Guardiola would do that. If he was playing at Man City, he would be one of their star performers. I just don’t think that Jose Mourinho gets the best out of him.”

“Pep’s the sort of manager who would bring him on, but with Mourinho it almost feels he’s taking him on. This isn’t a kid he’s dealing with, he’s one of the biggest assets in football world.”

“Mourinho is asking for a war now with current players. With Pogba’s power in that dressing room, Mourinho has got to be very careful. I don’t see the benefit in upsetting one of your star players.”

Instead of holding him at the midfield, Mourinho should have allowed him to roar forward the opponent’s defense. A player like Pogba should be left with what he can do the best, not as the manager insisted him to do. Doing so will only benefit no one, neither the club, nor the player himself.


Powerball Lottery and How It Works

Powerball is a lottery game that draws its winners by using two drums. The first drum has white balls in it, while the second drum has the red ball. This unique placement is how Powerball Lottery gets its name.

Every Wednesday and Saturday nights, the game picks its winner at 10:12 PM at Orlando Universal Studios. You can watch the winner announcement on Powerball website, television, newspapers, and online gambling site. There is a special rule, however, in Powerball if you want to win the jackpot. You have to match five white and red balls in any order.

The jackpot itself is the very reason for many people to enter this lottery game. The prize starts at $40 million. When the drawing cannot find the winner, the jackpot will grow at least $10 million. Since it replaced the Lotto*America lottery back in 1992, the prize has grown into an enormous amount. In 2016, it reached the highest amount ever recorded: $1.5 billion.

How to Play Powerball

The game begins with 69 white balls in the first drum and 26 red balls in the second drum. During the drawing, the coordinator will pick five white balls and one red ball, the Powerball.

As for the contestants, the steps are a bit different. For every ticket you buy, you have to select five numbers and one Powerball number. For you to win the jackpot, all these numbers should match with the white ball and Powerball numbers. You can either choose the ball by yourself or let the machine to do it for you.

Do You Need 5 Balls to Win the Prize?

No, if we include the smallest prize. If you picked the correct Powerball, you would win $4. If we deduce the money you spend on the ball, it means you can bring home $2 with the right Powerball.

However, as I said before if you want to win the jackpot, your five white balls and Powerball should match precisely as numbers they draw during the event.

As for the payouts, you might want to take a look at the following list. There are two types of payout you can get: basic and powerplay payout.

Basic Payout

  • Five white balls and Powerball: jackpot
  • 5 white balls and 0 Powerball: $1,000,000
  • Four white balls and Powerball: $10,000
  • Four white balls and 0 Powerball: $100
  • Three white balls and Powerball: $100
  • Three white balls and 0 Powerball: $7
  • Two white balls and Powerball: $7
  • One white ball and Powerball: $4
  • 0 white ball and Powerball: $4

PowerPlay Payout

  • 0 white ball and Powerball: $8 – $40
  • Five white balls and Powerball: jackpot
  • 5 white balls and 0 Powerball: $2,000,000
  • 4 white balls and Powerball: $20,000 – $100,000
  • Four white balls and 0 Powerball: $200 – 1,000
  • 3 white balls and Powerball: $200 – $1,000
  • Three white balls and 0 Powerball: $14 – $70
  • Two white balls and one Powerball: $14 – $70
  • One white ball and Powerball: $8 – $40

Who Will Be the Next Christiano Ronaldo?

It has been more a decade since we last saw a player, besides Lionel Messi and Christiano Ronaldo, to receive Ballon d’Ors. It is the highest recognition of a player’s skill in football. With Ronaldo at his 33 this year and Messi at his 31, we are looking for the dusk of their era.

During an interview after receiving his second Ballon d’Ors last December, Ronaldo gave the media some hints of young players that might become his successor. Four young players emerged, but will they eventually become the heir?

Kylian Mbappe (Paris Saint-Germain)

With an annual salary of €145m and up to €35 bonuses per year, PSG says enormous talent in Mbappe. He once scored 26 goals while playing at senior club level in just one season. Since then, he has been fighting his way to becoming a world-class player. However, some controversies are surrounding him. Even after collecting 13 goals so far for PSG, many people are still expecting more of him. The upcoming match against Ronaldo should provide plenty of chances for him to prove what his real skills.

Marco Asensio (Real Madrid)

With his skills, Marco Asensio poses extreme challenges to other Ballon d’Or future candidates.  During his first full season with Real Madrid, Asensio has scored eight goals using mainly his left foot. His excellent performance with Spain U-21 during the European U-21 Championship also confirmed his true potentials.

Ousmane Dembele (Barcelona)

With £97m initial fee and his young age, Dembele is more than just any young player. His exceptional balance, ability to beat any player with either foot and explosive pace put him as one of the most promising future Ballon d’Or winners. However, there is one question remaining. Will this young player have the temperament and motivation to win? With so much tense and target to fill, can he prove his real value?

Gabriel Jesus (Manchester City)

While Neymar still becomes the most talented young player Brazil ever has, he will soon join Ronaldo and Lionel Messi in their 30s. That is still four years from now, and even so, Brazil has a pile of young talented players to replace his place. It is Gabriel Jesus. Once known as Selecao’s top scorer, this young star earned seven goals for his team in just ten matches.

With his intention to win, he quickly adapts to the rigorous life of Premier League. During his career with Manchester United, he managed to score eight goals before suffering a severe knee injury. Recent rumors also said that he is also under Pep Guardiola’s radar. He may be still too young to join the World Cup. However, with his young age, excellent performance, and excellent manager he has in Manchester United, we might see him walking off with Ballon d’Or at his hand. Manchester United has a unique tradition where they turn the unknown player into some of the world’s best soccer player. Perhaps this time, this tradition will continue and choose Gabriel Jesus.



Manchester United Fans Bolt Wear The Arsenal Jersey

As we all know, “night” Bolt but Manchester United’s hardcore fans, but now, he has put on the Cheap Arsenal Soccer Jersey, and pictures publicly drying out, how is this going children do?

Recently, Bolt put Arsenal shirt, and sun pictures on social networking sites, which attracted fans exclaimed. As for the reason, which was to start from a bet. Arsenal VS Manchester United this focus of the war before the game, Bolt and Mexico famous host Lopez bet, as Manchester United fans, he apparently believes Manchester United will win. But in the end it 3-0 Arsenal beat Manchester United, Bolt is speed connection, and wear Arsenal jersey.

Bolt on the social networking site, said: “I bet Manchester United and Lopez win, and they did not win, so I have to say about cash bets, sorry you all.” In this way, not only win from Arsenal to Manchester United in the hands of third, also from them “to win back a big star.”


Torture Ronaldo Lima Gol Espanyol, Madrid successful

BARCELONA – Cristiano Ronaldo became a star in the drama Real Madrid victory through half a dozen goals against Espanyol in Spanish league match continued 2015-2016, Saturday (12/9) night. Nicknamed CR7 Ronaldo who had a goal drought in the first two games, direct to answer doubts raging through lesatan five goals plus plus donations Karim Benzema goal to make Madrid won a landslide victory in the Power Stage.

The host actually started the game with slick almost winning even faster but trigol Cristiano within 20 minutes destroys their spirit that led to a major defeat six goals without reply. Until the end of the game closed with the landslide victory of El Real when Ronaldo performed brilliantly to notch five goals plus one Karim Benzema.

For the first time wearing a gray cheap soccer jersey this season, Madrid immediately kicked from the early minutes. It did not take long for the visitors to break the deadlock first, rather dimenit to 7 Ronaldo gave his side a 1-0 lead. Modric who saw a gap dipertahanan instantly send feedback Espanyol ripe forwarded to perfection by CR7.

Superior speed, confidence made by Rafa Benitez’s squad getting jumped. Until finally the golden opportunity again addressed the visitors while Gareth Bale Alvaro violated. Penalty to Real Madrid Soccer Jerseys. Ronaldo, who became the executioner was again successful with a sniper Espanyol goalkeeper to the bottom right corner of the goal.

Madrid lead 2-0. Not long after, Ronaldo again listed his name on the scoreboard for the third time in this match. 20 minutes, Real Madrid winning three straight goals against Espanyol. Starting from Bale standing at the free position on the left side and floated a pass which Cristiano struck from close range.

Hosts farther and farther behind 3-0, while Madrid more comfortable lead. Espanyol actually look pretty good, but Madrid seems too tough. Furthermore goalkeeper Karim Benzema’s turn to host dimenit to 28. As before halftime, Madrid continued to dominate but failed to add goals. The first half closed with a four-goal advantage when Ronaldo was the star of Madrid.

Entering the second half, Madrid had difficulty in the early minutes after the interval break. Until finally Ronaldo scored the fourth goal in this game with assists forward Gareth Bale. Excellence five goals Benitez forces are increasingly making Los Blancos in the wind. While the camp host unyielding to reduce the lag.

But unfortunately their efforts just returned disastrous brilliant action when Lucas Vazquez got past Canas and pull the bait resolved Portugal star Ronaldo. Five goals CR7 seemed to be evidence that he has not finished this season. Madrid continued to press, but until the final whistle 6-0 victory achieved by the visitors and Ronaldo was the star tonight.